A ThinkPad enthusiast

Recently, I talked about the global human network - people creating not only content, but context and relationships through social media - linking, posting, reposting across multiple social networks and sites.  So, who are the people in this network?  To explore and exemplify this concept a bit further, I invited a handful of customers from our community, each from a different part of the world to try their hand at a guest blog here.Today, we hear from Steve, who volunteers his time to moderate on both the Lenovo and ThinkPads.com forum. Taking a look at his private collection of ThinkPads, which I hear has nearly doubled since these pictures were taken, it's hard to imagine anyone who better personifies the moniker of ThinkPad enthusiast...

Imagine a place dedicated solely to ThinkPads, a museum if you will. You walk in the front doors and to the left you see a classic Butterfly, and to the right you see a new T61. In between, you see every other model of ThinkPad made by IBM/Lenovo.  This is a dream of mine and I intend to make it happen...even if it is in my own basement. Hi, my name is Steve and I have an addiction that apparently many other people have. I love ThinkPads...everything ThinkPads! Call me a geek; it's okay, I don't mind. I fell in love with ThinkPads after working on my first one, a 600. It had a simple Pentium II 266MHz processor with a 6GB hard drive, but it was so easy to work on and IBM had everything documented in the form of Hardware Maintenance Manuals. The 600 series, including the 600E which I started working on next, had the best keyboard I had ever seen on a laptop. To this day, I still feel that it is the best keyboard ever made. The 600 series was just so sturdy, plain and simple. I continued to work on this series for a number of years, until it seemed to be considered antiquated by the general masses. Since then I have moved on to as many models as I can get my hands on, up to and including my T61. Along the way, I have been buying and selling ThinkPads, creating just enough extra cash flow to allow me to back up and purchase quite a few of the older models to begin building my own shrine to the ThinkPad name. Here are some pictures that I took last year, when I only had about 20 Thinkpads (I now have over 40 working ThinkPad systems):

Some might ask, why the ThinkPad? It looks so plain and simple. Well, I'll take plain and simple any day, when they are as durable as ThinkPads have proven themselves to me. Besides, I look at it this way, if I were sitting at a coffee shop using my ThinkPad across from someone using a nice and shiny Mac or Dell, and we both turned our backs for a moment...who's laptop is likely to disappear first? Mr. Flashy, or Mr. Plain and Simple? I rest my case... During my years of working on ThinkPads, I stumbled across an incredibly informative and professional forum: forum.thinkpads.com. I found myself on that forum EVERY day, reading and learning more about ThinkPads. After about 6 months of surfing that forum, I was asked to become a moderator. Wow, talk about an exciting honor. Then a year and a half later I was honored again, this time by the Lenovo staff, when I was asked to become a moderator on Lenovo's own forum, as they were getting ready to launch it. Just for fun and more proof that I am addicted to ThinkPads, here's one of two videos I created regarding the arrival of my T61 last year. I posted them on YouTube and at the time of this writing, they have over 58,000 views combined!!

From there, I went on to use my original Youtube channel to create ThinkPad repair videos, which I didn't get very far with due to lack of time. I am hoping to begin posting more videos under that account over the summer. You can check out that channel here. Thanks for taking the time to read this! Steve aka tfflivemb2 (Moderator at forum.lenovo.com and forum.thinkpads.com)T61,T42(x2)T41,T40(x2),R40,T30(x2),T23(x3),T21,T20,X20,A31,A21M,600/E/X(multiples of each),770X,i1400(x2),760XL,760ED(x2 w/base),380XD,755CD,750P,360P,365X,560X,701C/CS,730T,PS/Note