Have you ever bought a piece of clothing that sported a label confidently declaring, “One Size Fits All?” If so, then you might remember just how many nanoseconds it took after you put the garment on for you to realize that the label should have stated, “One Size Fits All – (Almost)” or “One Size Really Fits Someone Else.” The one-size-fits-all concept works well in theory, but in actuality, it rarely comes without compromise.

Compromise isn’t necessarily a good thing in a data center environment. That’s why Lenovo and Microsoft have worked together to design optimized data warehouse solutions for Microsoft SQL Server, one of the industry’s leading platforms for mission-critical applications. These are balanced pretested data warehouse configurations in a variety of sizes. Now, an entire range of organizations from small businesses to enterprises, all with a host of diverse data warehousing needs, won’t all have to “shoe horn” into one solution. These reliable pretested solutions, known as Microsoft Data Warehouse Fast Track for SQL Server 2014 or DWFT, not only help data center leaders decrease risk and implementation costs, but also enable them to accelerate deployment.

Lenovo and Microsoft have zeroed in on three sizes of DWFTs -- a large 60TB solution on Lenovo’s X6 enterprise family of servers, a medium-sized 20TB solution, and at the small end of the range, a 5TB solution designed for small businesses. In designing these DWFT solutions for data warehouse leaders, the two companies have made the deployment process simpler and faster, shortened the time and effort required for testing and tuning, awarding a certified performance rating and more. Each of the DWFT offerings is designed to support future growth and maximize the value of a company’s data center investment.

In the case of the high end offering, for example, the Lenovo x3950 X6 server is the platform on which the DWFT is typically hosted. X6 servers are designed for four enterprise workloads including analytics; database; business logic, ERP and CRM; and virtualization. The X6 platform delivers 12TB of memory, three times more than the maximum memory of the versions of Windows and SQL Server on the market today. The powerful 8-socket X6 server has more than enough capacity to support not only today’s enterprise-grade databases, but also room to grow with the future iterations of Windows and SQL Server software that ultimately will support more memory.

Another sizing consideration – the slowest in data warehouse configurations -- is I/O. x3950 X6 servers are designed for the kind of high throughput required for data warehousing -- from processor to memory to I/O. This platform is perfect for consolidating a number of established, mature SQL Server workloads running on separate servers. (In an outdated data center environment, underutilization and wasted space, power and cooling may also be concerns that are resolved with the X6 platform.)

Are you implementing a data warehouse? Having sizing issues? Looking for something that fits? Read more in Vinay Kulkarni’s paper, “Lenovo Servers: The Ideal Platform to Run Microsoft SQL Server.”

To learn more about the Lenovo X6 family of servers, contact your Lenovo representative, or click here.


Original art by Kathy Holoman, March 2015