A Data Center Fairy Tale Come True: GrECo, X6 and a Golden Opportunity for Savings

To some, it may seem like a modern-day fairy tale come true: Austrian-based insurer GrECo stands to save approximately EUR 500,000 over a five year period and at the same time, the company emerges with a better, more high-performance data warehouse environment. The story is set in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. It starts with this rapidly-growing insurance and risk management company on the horizon, a mountain of data and two overworked servers complete with outdated Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition.

A number of IT professionals saw trouble brewing. Not only did the company face the threat of EUR 500,000 in expenses over a five year period if its IT environment stayed the same, but also, the looming onset of performance problems was sure to be a joy killer.

The tale doesn’t have a grim ending, however. After a migration to Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition and an upgrade to one big powerful Lenovo System x3950 X6 server, all is well. We don’t want to spoil the story, but we will string you along with a few teasers so you'll want more:

  • 90% savings in database licensing costs
  • 20% improvement in performance
  • 60% decreased server investment and software licensing
  • An additional project that involves consolidating the Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization environment starring five additional System x3950 X6 servers.

Open the book on the protagonists and see how the tale ends. Read the story here

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Original artwork by Kathy Holoman