A Brief Introduction

Hello, my name is Sam Morris, and I have recently joined Lenovo as Education Solutions Manager. I thought I'd make my first blog post an introduction so that you might have an idea from what perspective I am writing, and how I plan to contribute to Lenovo and education. For the past 19 years, I have spent my professional life in a school teaching primarily mathematics with a little computer science. During the first five years I was a member of the faculty at Duke University as a lecturer teaching introductory calculus to mostly freshmen and sophomores. While there I happen to work with some really great people doing innovative things in the teaching of mathematics and in particular calculus. I participated in Project CALC which was a program that took the traditional large-scale lecturer teaching of calculus and moved it into small classrooms with a lab component. In particular I specialized in using Texas Instruments calculators and building lab modules for use with the curriculum and the textbook we produced at Duke University. Sam MorrisFollowing those five years, I had the opportunity to help build Cary Academy, a new independent school in the Research Triangle Park area. With a mission focused on Discovery, Innovation, Collaboration, and Excellence, the school was a wonderful place for me to continue to grow as an educator. I had been teaching there for 14 years and that officially cameto an end yesterday as I taught my last class in Advanced Topics in Calculus. In those years, I served as a math teacher both in the Middle and Upper schools. I also taught computer science and chaired the Mathematics Department. In addition to teaching, I spent my last six years at Cary Academy as Instructional Technology Director where I oversaw the use of technology by the faculty and students. During that time, we transitioned from a near 1:1 desktop campus model to our current 1:1 Tablet PC environment. Most of my time has been focused on how we might improve the educational experience for our kids, especially with the use of technology. Now I begin my latest journey. As Education Solutions Manager I am charged with helping to promote and create Lenovo’s education solutions. I will be working closely with co-blogger Mike Schmedlen, Director of WW Education, and with the Customer Center team in our North Carolina Headquarters. As you follow along with this blog, I offer these additional tidbits about me as an attempt at full disclosure:

  • I am a Tablet PC enthusiast.
  • The stylus is not optional for education. Science and Math, especially, benefit greatly from the ability to add written work in a digital form.
  • I hate paper. For a full explanation of my stance on paper see my Ignite presentation from the NCAIS innovate conference.
  • I am an avid Duke Blue Devil fan.
  • I think OneNote is the great application (for education), but Evernote is gaining ground.
  • Math is being taught all wrong in our classrooms: We teach it like it is a choreographed dance routine. Instead it should be taught as an adventure game.
  • I believe that we need to teach our students that we learn more from failures than we do from successes.

Thank you for stopping by, and I look forward to the conversations ahead as we continue to discuss Innovations in education.