A Better Way is Here

On Tuesday October 29 at 10 p.m. EDT, 7 p.m. PDT came two major announcements, live from the YouTube Creators Lab in Los Angeles, California — the introduction of Lenovo’s most unique and innovative product to date, the Yoga Tablet, and the addition of a special new hire: Actor and product engineer, Ashton Kutcher.

For the past 5 weeks Lenovo has driven forward an unrelenting marketing campaign for the Yoga Tablet and the launch event. A campaign that included a social media hash tag blitz called #betterway and mysterious online banner and tile advertisements for a stand-out Yoga Tablet in a “sea of sameness.”

Produced live in YouTube’s studio space and simultaneously streamed on Lenovo’s YouTube channel, the launch event was unprecedented for Lenovo. The announcement brought not only global tech and entertainment media but drew fans from around the world, watching in real-time.

“[YouTube Creators Lab] is the ideal venue for Lenovo today,” said Lenovo CMO, David Roman as he took the stage at the live stream event, “because we are also rapidly, radically transforming. In the last six months we have become the number one PC company in the world. Yet - in that same period of time - we actually sold more Smartphones and tablets worldwide than we did PCs.”

“Mobility, connectivity, consumption and instantaneous interaction are essential and expected,” said Roman. “That’s why today we are not filtering our announcement through traditional channels, but streaming live to our audiences around the world.”

Following video of our guest familiarizing himself with the Yoga Tablet, the crowd welcomed well-known actor and tech enthusiast, Ashton Kutcher on stage. Kutcher beamed with excitement.

“Understanding a globally connected world is really important," said Kutcher, "and Lenovo does just that.”

The partnership with Ashton Kutcher comes at a strategic time as Lenovo accelerates its innovation and growth in PC+. Kutcher will work as a special product engineer at Lenovo to provide his insights on user experience and even marketing elements for the future development and sale of the Yoga Tablet line.

"I remember my first Personal Computer when I was a kid," said Kutcher. "We played our little games and maybe wrote a paper, but the one thing is it wasn't connected. I found myself more personally connected to my beeper at age 15. These phones are getting more and more personal to our lives. These devices are the devices we create on, the devices that we share on and the devices that become the window to our world... What better way to affect the future than to actually build the devices that will change the world."

"Lenovo are the number one PC manufacturer in the world and they sell more mobile products than PC devices," said Kutcher. "I reached out to them and I found out that they're a lot more than just a maker of hardware devices. They understand that they have to take risks and lead... Lenovo has shown me that they are courageous enough to take chances and not be just a 'me too' company and there's evidence of that in this new Yoga Tablet. "

This new partnership was only one part of the event. What really took center stage was Lenovo’s newest, game-changing product, the Yoga Tablet.

Watch the Launch event below: