5 Awesome Features of the New IdeaPad Miix 700

There are few things as exciting as the release of a brand new product, and that excitement is amplified when the product is coming from a line as established and reliable as the IdeaPad from Lenovo. Long touted as the everyman’s computer system, these devices have represented – and delivered – quality, efficiency, and exceptional performance for years. Now, with the addition of a stunning new tablet, the IdeaPad just got a little more awesome! The Miix 700 is a utilitarian’s dream device, embodying the power of an ultrabook in the sleek frame of a tablet. And even with its 2-in-1 form factor, the Miix 700 never once sacrifices functionality for portability. Read on and see just how many ways you can stun your prospective clients with this excellent new device!


1.Watchband Hinge Kickstand

Similar to the watchband hinge made famous by Lenovo’s newest line of Yoga 2-in-1 notebooks, the Miix 700 employs a lovely design that offers just as much function as it does elegant form. With a completely hidden kickstand, when closed, the watchband hinge looks like little more than a tasteful detail. With just a tiny adjustment, however, the hinge reveals the almost paper-thin kickstand, which emerges and can be adjusted to any position a client might enjoy. It also offers the structural security of knowing that the Miix isn’t toppling today.


2.Detachable Folio Keyboard

Besides standing it up, sitting back, and enjoying a movie or T.V. show, you may wonder what the advantage of a kickstand on a tablet might be. When the Miix 700 is stood upright (or at any angle you desire), you’re already halfway to an extra-portable mobile workstation. All you need now is the phenomenal – and included(!) – detachable folio keyboard, and you’re ready to go from quick touchscreen functions to full-fledged on-the-go computing. At barely a quarter of an inch thick, and doubling as a stylish and protective screen cover when not in use, this keyboard will allow your clients to maximize both productivity and portability in and out of the field.


3.Serious Technological Fortitude

Besides having a form factor that will cause others to gasp, drool, and occasionally ask for permission to sit uncomfortably close to you while you use it, the new Miix 700 has the guts to offer real technological glory! The Miix runs an impressively powerful 6th gen Intel® Core™ m7 processor, which allows your clients to work seamlessly. So seamlessly, in fact, that one might forget this device can also fit imperceptibly into your day pack! Between its improved 802.11 a/c WiFi and its Bluetooth® 4.0 compatibility, your internet connectivity and speeds are likely to be near-breathtaking, which should keep everyone more than content. On top of all that, the Miix is running the most current Windows 10 Pro, which optimizes functions and eliminates redundancy to help your clients get the most out of their new device. Booyah!


4.HD+ Display & WRITEit Active Pen

Your clients will also enjoy the Miix 700’s crystal clear full HD+ display, offering a whopping 2160 x 1440 resolution in a pleasant 3:2 widescreen presentation. On this beautifully rendered display, they can also incorporate Active Pen technology, which gives them the freedom to leave their folio keyboards at home and engage in a more familiar, pen-and-paper interaction with their devices. The Active Pen (sold separately) gives clients the tactile experience of carrying a simple legal pad and ballpoint pen, while maintaining all of the modern comforts that we’ve come to expect from such versatile technology.


5.Portable Ports

We saved the best for last! The Miix offers a pleasantly surprising array of ports that you just simply don’t find on many other devices in this form factor. Featuring ports of all varieties, the list includes USB 3.0, USB 2.0, Micro HDMI-out, microSD, and an audio combo jack, to boot! So, whether your clients require ports for business or leisure, you can assure them that the Miix 700 is literally the perfect mix of both!


Ultimately, the new Miix 700 offers almost complete freedom as to how the tech is put to use. Whether the need is for a completely portable workhorse or a more stationary, yet still mobile workstation, the Miix 700 delivers in spades! Readily configurable, maximally efficient, and optimally functional, this many-in-1 tablet is a device like few others. When looking for the most affordable, yet serviceable product for business, you will feel more than confident in recommending the Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 700!


*Miix 700 is only available in gold for customers located in North America.