5 Apps to help you get more done

5 Apps to help you get things done

Becoming that well-oiled productivity machine relies on good organisation. Thankfully, there are apps for that. Here are some popular ones to help you squeeze the most out of each day.

1. Problem solved

Being productive starts with getting out of bed, but hitting snooze is just too easy – until now. The Alarm Clock Xtreme Android app forces you to solve maths problems before you can even think about snoozing. You can choose to challenge yourself with hard questions or go down the easy route. Maths questions aside, it also lets you wake up to your own music (either a preferred song or on the random setting) and you can elect to have the volume gradually increase. This actually adds a sense of urgency when you’re reliving your times tables. 

2. Duly noted

We’ve all been there. You come up with a million dollar idea, but then forget it – along with the dry cleaning and your mum’s birthday. Then comes Evernote – the note-taking app that lets you write, record and photograph all your thoughts over multiple devices. There is a new generation of note-taking apps emerging in the market, but Evernote is a great all-rounder.

3. Mixed media

It’s important to keep up to date with the latest news, trends and industry updates, but sifting through to find what you want is an arduous task and you’ve probably got better things to do. Thankfully apps like Flipboard, Pulse and News Bento has your back. These nifty apps give you a visual snapshot of the latest developments in news, technology, business and whatever else takes your fancy. It’s almost like your own internet hype reel.

4. Sharing is caring

Being brilliant at your work doesn’t really count for much if you can’t share it with your colleagues and clients. This is where file-sharing apps like Dropbox come in handy. It’s incredibly user-friendly and lets you securely upload photos, video and your standard office documents to edit on the go. Dropbox gives you 2GB storage to play with, but if you’re hungry for more storage, SugarSync gives you up to 5GB. Spread the word. 

5. Finding your inner zen

Countless studies have proven the benefits of a good old meditation session. It helps reduce stress, calms the mind and, most importantly, enhances your ability to focus. If you don’t know where to start, download an app like Dharma meditation. It eases you into the practice with a poignant quote and a three-minute timer. That’s right. Just three minutes. Now all you need is a cushion.