Our 25 Favorite Things About ThinkPad

As the 25th anniversary of ThinkPad approaches, I thought it would be interesting to put together a list of our 25 favorite things about ThinkPad.

David Hill and I came up with a list while he was visiting the studio this week. Many of these came from the 15th anniversary list because some things never change--they just get better.


1. The bento box-inspired design that never looks out of style (Thanks, Richard)

2. There are decades of thinking in every new ThinkPad

3. The TrackPoint: every time I try to use a touchpad I get frustrated

4. Typing on the best keyboard in the industry is pure pleasure

5. Finally, we got rid of the cumbersome latches

6. The asymmetrical and unique ThinkPad logo: dead-center is so ordinary

7. Effortless scrolling with the center button and TrackPoint

8. Integrated fingerprint reader: I've never forgotten my finger

9. Rock-solid mechanical quality and physical integrity: it always works

10. A rubberized finish that feels so good and is easy to clean

11. Sitting on an airplane next to someone using a goofy-looking notebook

12. (It makes me feel more confident and smarter than the person next to me)

13. You can recognize it from across the room by the illuminated little red dot

14. The new X1 Carbon is 3.5 times thinner and 4 lbs lighter than the original 700c

15. Black is my favorite color until they make something darker

16. Real metal hinges that are built to last

17. LED indicator on my fingerprint reader reassures me

18. The dedicated PrtSc key: I use it all the time

19. Dual mute controls, microphone and speakers

20. Carbon fiber: lighter, stronger and blacker than aluminum

21. Iconic, original design essence

22. The red dot makes me smile

23. My fingers aren’t square and neither are my keys

24. You can see a Picasso and a ThinkPad in the Museum of Modern Art

25. The design still matters: 25 years later and the next one will be even better

Feel free to share your own favorites in the comments below or tag @Lenovo on your social media platform of choice.

Brian Leonard is Vice President of Lenovo Experience Design Group.
David Hill recently "rewired" from Lenovo, where he was Vice President and Chief Design Officer.