20th Anniversary: My Thoughts on ThinkPad

Today is the day we officially celebrate the anniversary of ThinkPad. This year, however, is no ordinary anniversary. This year is the 20th anniversary of what has become a design classic and an icon of the industry. I am very proud of ThinkPad and all the people who have helped make it special over the years. Rather than write a special blog posting on the topic, I decided to post a "virtual" copy of the book I wrote and designed for the MoMA event we hosted back in August. The book titled, ThinkPad Design: Spirit & Essence, captures my thoughts on ThinkPad and punctuates them with striking graphical illustrations. The book was a big hit at the MoMA, but there just aren't enough copies to go around. A few of the people who commented on my earlier blog, with their unique ThinkPad stories, may have already recieved their signed copy. If you didn't, hopefully it's on the way. I wish I had enough to give to all the ThinkPad fans.

To view the "virtual" book, click on the image below and it will launch in another window. You can either advance the pages with the on-screen navigation controls or simply drag the pages with your cursor. I prefer the latter since it feels so much more like a real book. Here's a hint, it looks much better in full screen mode. I hope you enjoy reading and experiencing the book. I certainly had a good time creating it. I'm already looking forward to the next major ThinkPad milestone.



David Hill