17 Smart People Fearlessly Predict the Future of Technology

What is the future of technology? No one knows for sure. The smart money says it will be driven by exciting breakthroughs in artificial intelligence along with virtual and augmented reality. Beyond that--if someone claims to know what the future holds--they’re probably trying to sell you something.

Everyone’s take is slightly different & everyone loves to spin their own wild predictions. We're all about wild predictions so we put the question to a diverse group of people with high tech IQs: gamers, bloggers, DJs, engineers, industry watchers and some of our Lenovo colleagues. We chronicled their answers, then we took their portrait with an old-fashioned camera so we’d remember what they looked like. We hope you’re half as excited as we are about this voyage into the unknown.

So what do you think is the future of technology?

“I think the future is going to be like The Matrix, where you cannot separate reality from what is going on with technology. You’re going to have that line blurred between the two. It might be pretty cool.”
--Bryan Ushijima, Lenovo Digital Marketing

“The future of technology is that we’re going to connect the mind to the hand faster and faster and faster, making it easier for you as a creative person to do the things you want to do.”
--Dan Thomas aka DJ Dilemma, DJ/Producer

“In a little more than five years, devices are not going to be the thing. I am going to walk around with my identity on me, and I am going to be able to have a device interaction with whatever platform is there. A wearable device will become a carrier of my identity. When I see a sheet of glass, I can drop my identity on a sheet of glass and interact there--something that looks like a tablet, something that looks like a phone, something that looks like a mirror.”
--Anjana Srinivasan, Lenovo Android/Chrome Business Group

“As a gamer, I believe VR is the future. Let’s say you want to travel back in time to a period in the 1800s, the Victorian Era. You can see the streets, the buildings.”
--Awang Ilyas, Gamer/Student

“Technology is going to know what you want. The promise of a thousand science fiction novels has finally arrived. That’s what I want: I want technology to do what I want it to do.”
--Kevin Beck, Lenovo Competitive Analyst/Explainer of Things

“The future of technology needs to bring people together. It needs to connect all people. Older people are not as conversant in social media as younger people, and younger people are in their own world. Technology needs to be the bridge to connect these two groups together. That’s how we can survive.”
--Yuszela Yusoff, Lenovo INsiders Program

“In five years, augmented reality will be an accepted norm. You’ll see it in the medical field. Doctors will be able to come up with a diagnosis a lot faster. It will help them do surgeries and prevent disease.”
--Tony Montez Dodd, Moto Van Experience

“I think the future of technology is really minimizing the line between reality and the extended experience. The next step is for people to take that VR and AR experience where they now can step in and be there with me, be part of the experience.”
--Lizza Monet Morales, Social Media Broadcaster & CEO of Xoxo, Lizza Inc.

“The future of technology is green. I see us moving towards cleaner technologies and lower carbon emissions. In five years, I’ll have a solar-powered hoverboard.”
--Kailey Mann, Lenovo Intern/Student

“You have to remember that the current era of mobile technology started less than a decade ago. So while it might feel like technology is everywhere, it is really going to be everywhere in the next 5 to 10 years. In the future, we’re going to start seeing the first mode of education being digital. You walk into a school today and it is all textbooks. I cannot wait until my son is in high school and he’s learning from a tablet or a projector or a hologram.”
--Xavier Lanier, Publisher, Gotta Be Mobile

“I think everything is just going to be tweaked and refined. We look at Project Tango (AR) now and I think, in five years, we’re going to laugh. It is just moving so fast. How old school everything will seem.”
--Wendy Fung, Lenovo PR

“I think things are going to get smaller, more connected, faster and presumably a little more seamless so that the people who aren’t the hardcore nerds will have devices that are embedded into their clothes or their furniture or their lightbulbs. And they’ll be sending and receiving data through all that. That will make everyone’s life a little easier.”
--Faran Thomas, Fan

“What I would love is for technology to make my life as Antonia easier by learning about me and my unforeseeable needs.”
--Antonia Ventura, Lenovo Europe

“As much as I want to say virtual reality is the future of tech, I think the bigger story is augmented reality. I think adaptability and usability outscale anything else. The ability to walk through a mall with augmented reality and have special glasses on that look clear, to be able to navigate a store by following a line on the ground or walk by a store and see sales. I think that adaptation of a layer over life provides a more usable level and is more adaptable.”
--Jeff Palumbo, Lenovo Gaming

“The future of technology is modular. It is all about accessorizing the products that you live and breathe with and making them more versatile.”
--Helena Stone, Editor-in-Chief, Chip Chick

“I think the future of technology is really around how people get more convenience and usefulness in their lives, professionally and as regular consumers. To me, the challenge is how do you deliver devices that provide that. Those devices will increasingly be devices that disappear. I interact with the cloud without realizing that’s what I am doing. Even the simplest device will feel incredibly powerful because it is driven by this cloud that supports all of that.”
--Peter Hortensius, Chief Technology Officer, Lenovo DCG

“I think it’s pretty simple. The sci-fi stuff you see--the Jetsons--is going to happen. It’s just a matter of when.”
--Barry Myers, Founder, GetGeeked Media

What’s your hunch on the future of tech? Be sure to leave your bold prediction in the comment field below so we can look back in a few years and all make fun of each other.


Gavin O'Hara is Lenovo's Global Social Media Publisher. Special thanks to our friends at Viewfind for the nice portraits.