Do these 10 things first when you upgrade to Windows 10

Are you a trailblazer?

The first to try a new restaurant when it comes to town? The one who introduces all your friends to bands before they become famous? Someone who upgrades your Lenovo to Windows 10 before anyone else?

If that last one applies to you, then here's 10 new things to try, in honor of your trailblazing trailblazi-ness.


1. Make sure that you've got Settings and Companion on your machine

Companion and Settings software by Lenovo were designed to make your Lenovo ownership experience more intuitive. Step one is to make sure you've got those installed (look in the Start Menu or do a search in Cortana), and if not, go to the Windows store for downloads:

Download Settings | Download Companion


2. Connect to everything Lenovo with a Lenovo ID

When you launch Companion for the first time, you'll have the option to create a Lenovo ID. Sign up and you have access to a handful of awesome Lenovo apps and services, get the full list here.


3. Optimize your machine to run at peak performance

Go into Companion and take the Optimizer feature for a spin. We all know how quickly a new machine can go from being fast to being slow. The Optimizer keeps your system running smoothly with just a few clicks.


4. Visit the support section and check out you system's warranty and review your user guide

Warranties are like fire extinguishers. You don't really think about them until you absolutely have to have it right then and there. Companion gives you quick access to all of that info when you need it at a moment's notice.


5. Check out Companion's Tech Content

Inside Companion there's a section that gives you a daily-updated digest of great tech content from trusted sources around the world, as well as content created by Lenovo just for you. Dive in and see what you learn!


6. Check out Apps for You 

Apps for You recommends apps specific to your system. Whether it's for business, entertainment or gaming, you may find just what you're looking for. It's right there in Companion.


7. Turn on Battery Stretch for a longer-lasting battery

Go into Lenovo Settings and find the Battery Stretch option. Turning it on will let you unplug longer, be it on the airplane, or just around the house.

8. Fine-tune your camera for optimal desktop selfies

You're not going to get selfies this good straight out of the box. Check out the Settings Camera options to get optimal results from your built-in camera.


9. Set up your favorite wireless networks

I for one am not a fan of always needing to re-connect to a Wi-Fi network that I use all the time. Settings Location Awareness makes it easy to set your locations once and never have to do it again.


10. Head over to the Windows Store and give Settings and Companion a review.

By this point, hopefully you've been able to use Settings and Companion to customize your Windows 10 experience. If you like what you see so far, why not head over to the Windows 10 Store and give Settings and Companion a review!

Review Settings | Review Companion



BONUS #11 - Sign up for the Cortana and REACHit beta

With REACHit, Cortana is even smarter on your Lenovo device. Search for files based on just what you remember, like who you sent an email to, or where you were when you worked on a file. No more searching for files by the name!

Sign up the Cortana and REACHit beta here.