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I wanted to thank everyone who participated in the ThinkPad external keyboard survey. We set a new record with this one for the number of survey respondants. There were also a lot of comments posted to the blog and included in the survey. It clearly shows how much passion our fans have for the ThinkPad typing experience. Great feedback that will be used by my team. David Hill

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For many years we have offered two versions of what has generally become known as the ThinkPad external keyboard. I wrote a post about this offering quite some time ago. Personally I really enjoy using this keyboard. I own the version with the number pad. I don't use the number pad much, but I like the overall product proportion better. I'm also not a really big fan of mice (long live TrackPoint) , and prefer the feel of a ThinkPad keyboard to the more traditional desktop versions.  Lately we've been thinking about how we might improve these keyboards for future releases. It would be great if you could take this survey and help us understand our next steps. Thanks in advance for the help. Take the survey here. If you want to buy these keyboards they are on sale right now. Yes we already make them!!! ThinkPad Full-Size UltraNav USB keyboard (with numberpad)

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The votes are in, tabulated, and results posted for the Cooper-Hewitt's People's Design Award. This years winner was the Zon Hearing Aid. Congratulations! Instead of an unattractive necessity, the Zon looks more like a luxury fashion accessory. I think this is a great breakthrough for the hearing aid industry. Most hearing aids usually look more like a displaced clump of ear wax rather than a design jewel. The ThinkPad X300 came in 14th, a very respectable showing. It was the highest ranked computer nominee by a very wide margin. The closest computer was the MacBook Air which came in 56th, maybe it would have done better with a few more ports and features. The X300 notably received more votes than the Obama for president logo, the iPhone, Converse All Stars, and one of my favorites, the Fender Telecaster electric guitar. Thanks to all who voted for the X300, and congratulations again to the Zon Hearing Aid. Well done. David Hill

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The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum is once again running their People's Design Award program. The winner for 2007 was the TOMS shoe. For every pair purchased the company donated a pair to a child in need. You may remember that last year ThinkPad finally ended up in the fourth position beating every other computer design nominated. We topped the iPhone, Brooklyn Bridge, the Corvette and even the pyramids. This year one of our fans has nominated the ThinkPad X300.  There are currently over 150 nominations. The voting concludes October 21st, 2008. This could be the most interesting vote you cast this year.  When they pass out the envelope with the 2008 winner lets hope the X300 is in it. At least we all know it fits. Here is the official announcement: Every year, Cooper-Hewitt gives out design awards chosen by a jury of distinguished design gurus—but do you agree with the experts? Now you can make your design voice heard by voting for the 2008 People's Design Award. Whether it's handmade or mass produced, high end or low brow, if it's an example of good design, we want to know about it! On this site, you can browse and search for designs that have already been submitted, or nominate something new.

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I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who participated in our Power Manager survey and shared some of their thoughts in the comments. We've gotten some good feedback and you may see some of it incorporated in a forthcoming revised interface. David Hill

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