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Dairy farmer surveys his new IBM friends/neighbors in Rochester, Minnesota Today was my 25th service anniversary working for IBM/Lenovo. Incredible how fast the time has flown by. It seems like only yesterday I attended the new employee orientation at IBM in Rochester, Minnesota. I'm pretty sure it was snowing. I've designed, or led the design of, nearly every type of computer imaginable, but it's about much more than that. I've been blessed throughout my career by being able to work with so many amazing people. They are my friends. We've always shared a common desire and passion to make the best designs imaginable. I am forever grateful to all of them for making my career and life so enjoyable. Cheers. David Hill

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On it's own it may not be pretty, but it certainly works! If you're a power user like me you never seem to stray too far from your ThinkPad. I use mine for more hours a day than I honestly care to admit. Battery life is of great importance to me. I've never been a big fan of the extended batteries we offer, not because of the function they provide, but because they make my ThinkPad look less elegant. They certainly do deliver on better battery life, and some people may not mind the bump. Being a design centric kind of person, I prefer my ThinkPad to be bumpless. Enter the bay battery. It neatly replaces the optical drive for my T400s and gives me a huge bump in battery life without the physical bump. I just recently made the transition from onboard optical to the bay battery and have not regretted the move. I rarely used the optical drive other than to show someone it had one. I am probably not the typical user. I really like it. Yes it makes my system a bit heavier, but that's a tradeoff I'm willing to make. I haven't measured the exact battery life I am experiencing, but our marketing claim states that adding the bay battery may take total battery life up to a impressive 8.5 hours...

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Sapper and Skylight Those of you who read the Design Matters entry about Sapper, Stradivarius and Skylight might already know this, but the Skylight which was such a hot topic at CES is a actually a design by our very own “Maestro” of design, Richard Sapper. Mr. Sapper looked very happy when he received a Skylight of his own on the first day of the Yamato Design Review from the Skylight Development Manager. He immediately had a lot of questions and couldn't take his hands off of it. (lol) He booted it up, learned how to use the applications and accessed YouTube. He was actually watching a promotional video by Lady Gaga! After a very long review session that day, Mr. Sapper headed back to his hotel. I wonder what Mr. Sapper did that night after bringing his Skylight back to the hotel with such tender loving care. I think he probably sat it on the bar and couldn't stop staring at it. It's like his love for his own daughter. Yamato Development team worked closely on the development of this project and made a large contribution. Yamato Design team also worked hard to assist Mr. Sapper. It is a product that holds a special place in our hearts too!

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Is it possible to out shine Vegas? Lenovo made a huge splash at CES with great new ThinkPads, IdeaPads, and award winning paradigm shifting products that turned heads. The IdeaPad U1 and SkyLight smartbook are wonderful examples where Lenovo invented new computing categories. But this wasn't just a Lenovo technology prowess show, our design innovation was everywhere.  Making such an impression at CES, however, is more than just announcing super products. The design of the venue, in our case the Aquaknox restaurant, was a critical component of setting the stage. Lenovo literally transformed the place into a product exhibition space/nightclub. We wanted to create a lasting and positive impression for everyone who attended. The design of our event was led by Rebecca Welles from our corporate identity team. It was demanding work for her and the others who chipped in, but it paid off with an event to remember. One of goals we established early in the project was to avoid the urge to "out-Vegas"  Vegas . There is just no point in throwing more flashing lights, spinning plates, fake gold leaf, dangling tinsel and glitzo patterns at the problem. Such an approach would only blend into the existing...

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I just got word from Industrie Forum Design Hannover that the ThinkPad USB secure hard drive we designed has been honored witih a 2010 design award. This year 778 products were awarded from a total field of 2,486 submissions. Entrants from 39 different countries, competed for the coveted iF product design award. I love this product and consider this a great honor for my design team and Lenovo. You can read a detailed blog I wrote previously about the design of the hard drive here. Congratulations to everyone involved! David Hill

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