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A close-up of the all new 360® hinge design

A close-up of the all new 360® hinge design

Guest blog by Tin-Lup Wong, Distinguished Engineer and Executive Director, Strategic Technology and Innovation Center (STIC), PC Product Group. Today, we announced the new YOGA 3 Pro, taking another step in advancing the 360® hinge design we pioneered in 2012 with the original YOGA convertible PC. The new six watchband hinge helps make the laptop 17 percent thinner and 14 percent lighter than its predecessor and also lets you lay it completely flat at 180 degrees.   Making a strong and durable – yet extremely flexible – hinge is something we know well. In previous YOGA models, we designed a dual-hinge system made of zinc alloy. So, you might wonder, why make a new hinge? YOGA users and consumers told us they prioritize thin and light features, so we challenged ourselves to continue to shave millimeters off the design – and to do that, we created the new watchband hinge. Constructed from steel and aluminum, the new hinge provides the same degree of flexibility and flatness of a metallic watchband due to its six flexion points. For the full specs, you can read the press release here, and see the full functionality in action in this video. The Hinge Lift...

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Meet Flex 14 and Flex 15 These two machines are more than a thin and light laptops, the dual-mode Flex 14.1-inch and 15.6-inch laptops creatively flip 300° for stand mode, a new way to interact with a PC and positions the device closer to the user for more natural, comfortable touch experience. Users can open Lenovo’s custom YouCam program, say “1,2,3 cheese” to snap a webcam photo and then send it to a friend using Flex’s voice commands. Or they can enjoy cinematic quality sound to the latest NetFlix movie with Flex’s Dolby Advanced Audio v2 without a keyboard in the way or even watch high definition content on another screen via Flex’s HDMI-out connection. Beyond Flex’s extra value with its dual mode, flip functionality, its fashionable soft-touch black cover trimmed with silver or Clementine Orange also attracts attention. Equally stunning, the interior contains a clean keyboard design with optional backlighting. Images are vividly rich thanks to Flex’s HD 1366X768 or optional Full HD 1920X1080 displays. With 10-point multitouch, Flex makes using Windows 8 and collaboration easy. With up to nine hours, Flex 14 and 15 are extremely mobile and are primed for productivity with up to Intel 4th generation Core ULT i7 processors, up to Nvidia discrete GT 740M graphics, up to 1 TB of storage and optional SSD or NAND flash on Ultrabook models. Video tour here:  

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Yoga 2 Pro: Picture Perfect in Any Mode Slim, sleek, orange, and still very flexible, the Yoga 2 Pro is the newest edition the the line of Lenovo convertibles. Users will instantly notice the Yoga 2 Pro’s impressive, eye-popping 13.3-inch display: Its QHD+ super high resolution 10-finger touchscreen displays images in 3200X1800 resolution in a 16:9 aspect ratio, equivalent to four times the visual clarity of the original Yoga’s HD+ (1600X900) screen and the highest screen resolution on the market today. The 350-nit screen features IPS 178° wide angle viewing for great views from nearly any line of sight. Unbelievably thinner and lighter than  before at 15.5 mm thin and 1.39 kg, the extra mobile Yoga 2 Pro lets users easily enjoying computing in each of its four modes: laptop, tablet, stand and tent. Yoga 2 Pro also features advanced technologies including choices of up to Intel 4th generation Core i7 ULT processors, Windows 8.1, up to 512 GB SSD, Intel WiDi for streaming content wirelessly to a TV, Dolby Home Theatre v4 and up to nine hours of battery life1. It also features a new backlit keyboard and comes in its signature Grey or Clementine Orange color. The recently introduced Yoga 11S will also be adding choices of up to 4th generation Intel Core i7 processors. A full-function laptop and tablet, Yoga 2 Pro infuses new smart features including Yoga Picks, a concierge-like tool that suggests suitable apps based upon the...

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Laptop Magazine just published their annual Best & Worst Laptop Brands for 2012. Lenovo was well positioned once again in the number two spot with an overall score of 84. The ranking includes scores for both ThinkPad and IdeaPad. In case you're curious, Apple topped the list with 88 points.  A gap of just 4 points is not so big. More about that later. The overall brand scores are determined by adding scores in the following categories: Reviews, 20 Points Possible Design, 15 Points Possible Keyboards & Touchpads, 15 Points Possible Tech Support, 15 Points Possible Displays & Audio, 10 Points Possible Value & Selection, 10 Points Possible Software, 5 Points Possible Innovation, 5 Points Possible This is the overall scorecard summary for Lenovo as it appears in the Laptop Magazine article. 2nd Place: Lenovo Trusty and reliable, the Lenovo brand also held on to its No. 2 spot from last year. While it only topped two categories (innovation and customer service), Lenovo consistently scored well, winning accolades for its keyboards and touchpads as well as value and selection. We also look forward to a bright future for the brand, with such upcoming Windows 8 devices as the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga. I pulled these two excerpts from the

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The thing I wanted to ask most was, "Does the ideapad have ThinkPad blood running through its veins?" When I started the interview by saying "Let's have a frank discussion, as if it won't be posted on the web," the response from the two Yamato developers was, "Well, there are lots things we're not at liberty to discuss on a blog. (laughing)" "If you ask us if ThinkPad blood runs through the ideapad... well, I guess considering that there's no TrackPoint and it's not a black, angular box, it's difficult to tell from the outside." "Both ideapad and ThinkPad aim to be the best for their intended users. But since the types of users are different, naturally the product concepts and their development processes are different." "But as developers, our obsession over the fine details is no different than for ThinkPad."   So what kind of "obsessions" are shared between ideapad and ThinkPad? "Both ideapad and ThinkPad endure the same strict level of quality testing that exceeds industry standards." "Of course, battery safety and other fundamental parts are the same as for ThinkPad, and as always, we develop and test 24 hours a day, since we have teams in Japan, China, and the U.S." "Actually, one of the authorities on batteries is here in Yamato, but even though he's not one of the ideapad project members, he "secretly" lends his expertise behind the scenes. Well, that's not entirely accurate. We consider him a...

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