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First Grade at Ranch Heights in Bartlesville Oklahoma Way back in 1963 I ventured out from the security of the nest to experience first grade at Ranch Heights Elementary School. It was a big deal for certain. Who were all those new people? Why were we made to go there?  Wasn't it more comfortable at home? Were we really expected to eat that food? There were so many unanswered questions for the newly appointed first grader. Questions aside, we were there and we weren't turning back. Thank goodness my first grade teacher, Mrs Cramer, was a decent and caring person. She made us all feel at home. Can you imagine what it would have been like if she had delivered on the evil-schoolmarm vision that filled the minds of most new first grade students? Rumor had it that Mrs.Castleman, another teacher at Ranch Heights, ceremoniously kissed each child before they headed home at the end of the day. The mere thought of being systematically lined up and kissed by her sent shock waves through the entire student body. In addition to the unique personalities and experiences, part of the elementary school indoctrination was the ritual of  shopping for school supplies  Armed with a blurred mimeographed list of supplies, my mom skillfully guided her tiny shopping cart through the TG&Y store looking for the prescribed supplies.  "No David, it specifically...

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January 6th. Maybe it’s somebody’s birthday, or someone’s wedding anniversary, but to most people, it’s just an ordinary day. This past January 6th, 2 days ago, to me has a very special meaning. I clearly remember ten years ago, when we embraced the dream of letting Chinese people enter the Internet age, and brought the Tianxi computer to Las Vegas. ten years later, at the same CES show in Las Vegas, we released Lenovo’s newest Mobile Internet Strategy and three brand new terminal products: Lenovo Smartphone, Skylight and IdeaPad U1. It was like déjà vu, familiar, but unfamiliar, almost like a reincarnation, but an all new beginning. Speaking of these three new products, in my opinion they all represent significant milestones—just as people often say, nothing worth doing comes easy. Not only do they conform to Lenovo’s recent innovations, they also reflect the needs of our customers around the world. In addition to conveying Lenovo’s corporate strategy in the mobile era, these products are the result of R&D and marketing personnel who have produced the best user experience with their efforts. In these 4 years of development, as a designer, R&D participant, and innovation team manager, I have experienced a lot. I have also received a great deal of satisfaction. The satisfaction is tremendous, and it really makes...

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ThinkPad Edge 13" Lenovo is starting the decade out right with the announcement of two new ThinkPads. I made a couple of short videos that talk about the design thinking that went into each of them. I plan to write a few blogs during the next week or so with more details about keyboards, the color red, and something we call sophisticated simplicity. Enjoy.         Interesting article by Sal Cangeloso at regarding the introduction of  ThinkPad Edge as a compliment to the ongoing classic line. David Hill

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    Can an inch really make a difference? Two of my favorite leadership ThinkPad offerings have been the X300 and the T400s. We used our best technology, engineering, and design talent, to create some of most amazing ThinkPad's ever made. Even though one is called an X and the other T, they are in some ways quite similar. They both have an onboard optical drive, for example.  Of course there are also many key differences between them such as processor speed, docking capability, hard file capacity, battery life, thickness, weight, and of course keyboard design. The T400s was the first to sport the big escape and delete keys. One significant difference that is often discussed and debated is screen size. The X300 models use a 13.3" screen and the T400s uses a 14.1". It's amazing how a difference of about an 1" can get people talking.   The 13.3 is 11.4% smaller in overall viewing area I thought it would be interesting to poll my Design Matters readers to understand your preference for screen size. Lets assume we are talking about a hypothetical 2 spindle machine where everything is equalized except for screen size. There is a very slight difference in DPI and of course the 14" version would be a bit heavier. The increased glass size adds about a half pound of system weight.   Thanks for your continued interest in helping us shape future ThinkPad offerings. I'm looking...

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  Zero Fireplace is anything but a zero Lately I've been twittering what I have chosen to call "The Design of the Day".  Yes, my interest in design is far deeper than just computers. Design is a career, a hobby, and a way of life. My intent is to tweet a new design on a daily basis. Don't expect to see a lot of computer tweets, that's what the primary focus of this blog is.  I still plan on occassionaly blogging about non-computer related design classics here, but those will be much more detailed that Twitter will allow. One of the first designs I tweeted about is a wonderful outdoor fire place that celebrates both fire and fuel. This would look so good in my backyard. You can search for these tweets using #designoftheday or just follow me on Twitter. Hope you enjoy them. Hill

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