Design Behind the Scenes

I recently made a short video describing how, and why, we created the texture for our latest ThinkPad touchpads. I wrote a detailed blog on this topic a few months ago. I hope you enjoy this behind the scenes look at the inspiration and detailed thought that goes into a Thinkpad. David Hill

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Watch the video to see more about the design of the ThinkCentre M90z We've been working on a really cool ThinkCentre all-in-one that will be announced in the very near future. Sorry I can't give you an exact date. Like all good design, the journey starts and ends with the customer. Here is a sneak peek video about the final design and how we created it. Enjoy! David Hill

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I was just in Japan for a week working on our future generation ThinkPad offerings. I met Richard Sapper there along with Aaron Stewart from my North Carolina based design team. The trip there was a lengthy 24 hours door to door, including a 13 hour torture test of an airline seat. When I arrived at the hotel I was pretty much worn slick. International travel of this magnitude is brutal. We ate that evening at the Trader Vic's at the hotel. Seems a bit odd, but it was actually quite good and convenient. We got up at the crack of dawn the next morning, rode the train into Yamato, and began a week long marathon discussing, debating, and inventing the latest design details for ThinkPad. I think you will like what we are working on. While we were in Japan we got the opportunity to visit the Imperial Palace in Tokyo and tour the East Gardens. I love Japanese gardens and found this very inspirational from a design perspective. The Japanese attention to design detail and beauty is everywhere. Not so different from the ThinkPad design approach. While at the palace we were fortunate enough to get to observe a  team of gardeners delicately prunning the black pines perched 50-75 feet in the air. Working without ropes or safety nets, they prune individual bits of the tree with small specialized scissors. At ground level,...

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It's not often that we give the public a sneak peek at a forthcoming ThinkPad. Typically we've kept our cards pretty close to the vest on this topic. I personally like the updates we have made so much I just can't resist breaking the rules. Here is a short video we made that shows a few of my favorite design features and the thinking that went into creating them.   David Hill

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Migrating your precious data, bookmarks, and settings to a new computer can be very frustrating and time consuming. For me it's one of the biggest barriers to upgrading to a new system. Yesterday I had the best migration experience ever moving from my tried and true ThinkPad X41 to a fresh X60. I asked Jamie Finamore, the human factors engineer responsible for the ease of use for our System Migration Assistant tool, to help me with this seemingly daunting task. I thought it would be a good idea to use our own tool for once rather than rely on someone from the help desk, a bit like eating your own cooking. Jamie stopped by with a short ethernet cable to bridge the two machines together and I braced myself for what would follow. To my surprise I found this to be so simple that we spent most of the time talking about other things. In about 15 minutes it was over. Look for this icon and make your life easier. Thanks Jamie. David Hill

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