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The world's smallest tablet PC

The world's smallest tablet PC

Lenovo introduced the world's smallest tablet PC today. Please use as directed. CPU heat may result in fever if taken in excess. Internal 3D projector   Optional keyboard   One month's supply    

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A match made by design.

A match made by design.

Have you ever been on a trip and wished you had your second monitor handy? I certainly have. A second monitor is so useful in today's world that it's hard to remember what it was like when I only had one. Fortunately, Lenovo has come to the rescue with the introduction of our new ThinkVision LT1421 mobile monitor.  The mobile monitor connects quite simply with a typical USB cable to your ThinkPad, or any other computer for that matter. We chose USB so that it would provide the user with a one cable power and signal connection. I like this much better than dragging around cumbersome VGA, power, or HDMI cables. At under two pounds and less than one centimeter thin, the 14-inch ThinkVision is the perfect traveling companion for the multi-monitor inclined. The prop folds flat when not in use The tip reminds me of Dorothy and her ruby red slippers We studied a wide array of methods to support the monitor We designed an elegant prop that folds from the back of the monitor to position the display at the user desired angle. At the tip of the prop is a red rubber cap that keeps the monitor from sliding around and adds a spark of color. A small red detail is so right for a Think...

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If you are at all like me, you have more than one AC  adapter for your ThinkPad. To be honest, I think I probably have more than the total number of ThinkPad notebooks I have ever owned. That is a big number. Some people refer to these neccessities of technology as wall warts, I prefer to call them "bricks". I have them strategically placed throughout my world. I have one in my garage, bedroom, kitchen, family room, backpack, car trunk and of course my conference room and office. There are actually three in my office alone. Whenever I get the chance I always plug in to ensure that when I go truly mobile I always have the fullest charge possible. I guess I would rather be safe than sorry. I do try to make a habit of unplugging them when I'm not using them to avoid needless power consumption. If you didn't know, all AC adapters consume power even if they are only plugged into the wall outlet and not an electronic device. I thought it would be interesting to poll my readers regarding how many AC adapters they currently have in use. If you crave more power and always want to be prepared with maximum battery power, I suggest you arm yourself with more "bricks" here. David Hill

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I just got word from Industrie Forum Design Hannover that the ThinkPad USB secure hard drive we designed has been honored witih a 2010 design award. This year 778 products were awarded from a total field of 2,486 submissions. Entrants from 39 different countries, competed for the coveted iF product design award. I love this product and consider this a great honor for my design team and Lenovo. You can read a detailed blog I wrote previously about the design of the hard drive here. Congratulations to everyone involved! David Hill

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ThinkVision L2251x Wide Monitor Today Lenovo unveiled five new ThinkVision monitors that take "green" design and user critical ergonomics to a new level. The new line-up includes Lenovo's flagship ThinkVision L2251x wide monitor, the company's most environmentally-responsible monitor.  The innovative L2251x is the world's first PC monitor to be TCO Certified Edge. In case you have not heard of it, TCO Certified Edge is a supplemental award open to those products that already meet the stringent worldwide TCO Certified criteria for environment and usability in IT design. The supplemental award was created by the TCO to recognize those special products and technologies that go well beyond the call of duty within their existing eco-labeling programs. All the monitors are TCO Certified, EPEAT Gold Rated, and are more than 50% more energy efficient than previous models. ThinkVision reusable packing bag Here are some of the highlights related to our reduce, reuse, recycle strategy: Reduce. The ThinkVision L2251x Wide features a webcam,microphone, ambient light and  proximity sensor to further lower power...

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