Retro ThinkPad Survey 4: Miscellaneous

Last week we launched the third in a series of surveys related to the “Retro ThinkPad” concept. The participation rate continues to swell day by day. Over 9000 people have weighed in on survey number one with similar numbers for the other two surveys. People are continuing to take all the surveys we’ve created, which is wonderful to see. Our plan is to continue to keep all of them open to gather as much data as possible. Please keep the feedback coming! Click here to take survey 1, here to take survey 2 or here to take survey 3 if you have not responded yet.

Here are some of the key insights from survey 3 that I can share. High performance processor speed is greatly appreciated with a split preference between dual and quad core. Our product marketing team will have to really put their thinking caps on to call this one. HDD only storage has very low preference with the lion’s share preferring the performance that an SSD provides. I’m personally not surprised on this one. Connector choice is a demanding topic with many choices to decipher. USB is at the top of the list with SD card slot ranking higher than we might have thought. I’ve included a portion of the table showing the top 5 ports and I/O choices.

Interesting and useful data regarding port and I/O selection

The feedback regarding ODD and a possible reprise appearance of the UltraBay is also of interest. Clearly the majority prefer to not include either of these features. Although I took full advantage of this feature when it was available, I also think its usefulness has probably passed. Please see the table I’ve included in this blog.

This preference feedback for this question was very clear

Today we are launching survey 4. The focus of this survey is more difficult to define or clearly categorize. I’m choosing to call it the “Miscellaneous” survey. Expect to see questions about operating system, batteries, TrackPoint caps ( I promised this would be asked), logo design and more. I can’t wait to see the feedback on the logo. I created several additional alternatives to consider in the survey. This one is sure to create a heated debate.

You can take survey 4 by clicking here. Next week I’ll post a recap of the results and discuss where we are on the project so far. Thanks again for all the passion and time you have put into this effort. We are listening.

David Hill

Note: If you have difficulties accessing the survey above, please click here.