We created this blog with the theme of increasing ThinkPad fans by letting everyone know more about Lenovo and the Yamato office. The Yamato office is at the heart of ThinkPad development. In other words, it is the epicenter of ThinkPad information and is where a wealth of ThinkPad information lies. In this blog, we’ll report on a wide range of ThinkPad-related topics with a mix of fun, light, and easy to read articles. The ThinkPad was born in 1992. Since then, we’ve strived to offer true value to customers throughout the world and to put our heart and soul into developing a trustworthy notebook computer. Even today, as we use our own ThinkPads at work, we listen to the customer’s voice and think about how we can make a better product. We take pride that we can deliver our products from Yamato to the rest of the world. There are many engineers that work in Yamato, but a good product cannot be developed with engineers alone. In this blog, we’ll report on the work and activities of all the people working here in Yamato