A close-up of the all new 360® hinge design

A close-up of the all new 360® hinge design

Guest blog by Tin-Lup Wong, Distinguished Engineer and Executive Director, Strategic Technology and Innovation Center (STIC), PC Product Group. Today, we announced the new YOGA 3 Pro, taking another step in advancing the 360® hinge design we pioneered in 2012 with the original YOGA convertible PC. The new six watchband hinge helps make the laptop 17 percent thinner and 14 percent lighter than its predecessor and also lets you lay it completely flat at 180 degrees.   Making a strong and durable – yet extremely flexible – hinge is something we know well. In previous YOGA models, we designed a dual-hinge system made of zinc alloy. So, you might wonder, why make a new hinge? YOGA users and consumers told us they prioritize thin and light features, so we challenged ourselves to continue to shave millimeters off the design – and to do that, we created the new watchband hinge. Constructed from steel and aluminum, the new hinge provides the same degree of flexibility and flatness of a metallic watchband due to its six flexion points. For the full specs, you can read the press release here, and see the full functionality in action in this video. The Hinge Lift...

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Calling all designers! It’s time to revamp your office with Lenovo’s latest monitor - the ThinkVision LT3053p. This ample 30-inch monitor is a visual wonder that helps design professionals, videographers and photographers unlock their full potential. As any designer, photographer or videographer can attest, the accuracy and consistency of a monitor is critical. What’s created on the screen cannot deviate from what is ultimately produced, and the ThinkVision LT3053p is a perfect example of an uncompromising monitor.  An ideal companion for Lenovo ThinkStations, the ThinkVision LT3053p provides vivid pinpoint color accuracy and performance with its ultra-high WQXGA 2560x1600 resolution and crystal clear AH-IPS, 14bit display built specifically for intricate and demanding CAD programs and designs.  A 1.07 billion color depth and 99 percent Adobe RGB color gamut creates richer and more colorful images, perfect for high definition multimedia, animation, web design, databases, code programming and large spreadsheets. The LT3053p also includes a professional shading hood that reduces ambient light for more accurate, consistent color reproduction, so what’s created on the screen doesn’t deviate from what’s ultimately produced - a must-have for design professionals.  With its unique Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Anywhere feature, the ThinkVision LT3053p displays the contents from two PCs on a single monitor for...

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