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ThinkStation D30 Workstation with 30

ThinkStation D30 Workstation with 30" Lenovo Monitor

Guest blog by Chris McCoy, Vertical Marketing Manager, ThinkStation The Lenovo ThinkStation brand has long been known for its superior performance and reliability in the Manufacturing, Financial, and Media and Entertainment industries. But did you know that Lenovo has been quietly working to support highly complex and robust workflows for some of the world’s largest Energy, Utility, and Oil & Gas companies? Today’s Oil & Gas companies have to work quickly and accurately to determine which leases hold vast amounts of precious petrochemicals and which are simply full of saltwater and nonporous rocks.  The gamble is huge. The stakes are high. And the software that Geologists and Geophysicists use to find these reservoirs have become highly robust and parallel. They often utilize numerous algorithms to process vast amounts of seismic and geological data in mere milliseconds.   The workstations that support these application workloads must scale far beyond a typical multi-core platform. They must be designed to support dozens of cores, up to 512GB of memory, the fastest storage and I/O technologies, as well as highly advanced Nvidia GPUs and co-processing technologies.  Over the last year, the Lenovo ThinkStation team has worked diligently with industry-leading exploration software companies (such as Schlumberger, Paradigm, TerraSpark and FFA) to test and certify Lenovo’s ThinkStation platforms to support these critical...

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ThinkStation workstations racked at Render Farm

ThinkStation workstations racked at Render Farm

While talking with a colleague, Allen Tang, Media and Entertainment Vertical Marketing Manager, I recently learned about an exciting ThinkStation customer relationship with Mili Pictures.  A growing animation movie & TV series production and training agency based in China, Mili Pictures is currently producing its first 3D animation movie Dragon Nest: Rise of the Black Dragon. What I found most intriguing about the relationship between Lenovo and Mili Pictures is the creation of the Mili Pictures Render Farm, a rendering cluster developed with Lenovo ThinkStation workstations. Mili Pictures is poised to make significant investments over the next several years and has an aggressive movie production schedule ahead of them. The company’s plans will call for completing movies, on average, within a six month time span. Therefore, it is critical that Mili Pictures minimizes workload related to operating, maintaining, and filing digital media assets. To fulfill this demand, Lenovo designed hardware systems for Mili Pictures that effectively manage their front-end visual designing, back-end rendering and production. This “farm” solution consists of 249 Lenovo ThinkStation workstations. Mili Pictures relies on the ThinkStation C30 for rendering, animation and post production, while the ThinkStation S30 and E31...

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ThinkStation C30 makes friends at Comic Con 2013

ThinkStation C30 makes friends at Comic Con 2013

It’s a fact, Lenovo has incredible momentum.  According to the latest from IDC and Gartner, Lenovo is #1, the leader in worldwide PC market share.  We also continue to climb the rankings of the Global Fortune 500.  A key driver of this success is the power of the Think brand.  However, if there is one industry where the Think brand has yet to dazzle, it is in media and entertainment. Conventional wisdom is that the creative types fueling the industry just want sexy devices, not the iconic black box known as ThinkPad, designed for corporate customers.  And if ThinkPad can’t attract media and entertainment customers…well, what hope does ThinkCentre, ThinkServer, and ThinkStation have of cracking the market? This isn’t to say that Lenovo doesn’t have some fantastic media and entertainment customers.  Customers like Bit Theory™ specialize in cutting edge after effects for the film industry.  In fact, it was Allen Bolden, Bit Theory President, who suggested partnering with them to create a virtual experience we could demonstrate at Comic-Con….that’s right, ThinkStation at Comic-Con!  While Comic-Con is in no danger of being confused with Autodesk University as an event ripe with opportunity for ThinkStation sales, it was nevertheless, enlightening. I was introduced to influential IT decision-makers, as well as, product users in the media and entertainment industry.  If...

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After two weeks on the road, exhibiting at PLM World in Dallas, TX and then PTC Live in Anaheim, CA, our staff and workstations have all made it back to their respective homes. Both of the events proved to be an excellent opportunity for connecting with prospects in a variety of industries. We showed off the latest and greatest in the world of Lenovo ThinkStation workstations, displaying the full product family while highlighting the ThinkStation S30 and ThinkVision 30” monitor. These products especially impressed users with their performance and clarity with CAD applications. Thanks to a well branded tradeshow booth and a high level of visibility through our show sponsorships, Lenovo further solidified our strong presence in the Manufacturing and AEC markets.   Booth traffic was steady each day. Several visitors stopped by with follow up questions and comments after the “Tips and Tricks for Selecting the Right Workstation” session presented by Tom Salomone, ThinkStation Vertical Marketing Manager.  At no surprise to the team, the remote workstation demo was a hit with attendees, even garnering attention from multiple media groups. The demo, using a ThinkStation D30 and ThinkPad Tablet 2 showcased virtual use of Simens NX and PTC Creo applications (at the respective events). Our team received positive feedback on the demo, specifically related to the favorable feedback time and ease of use. Naturally, no show is complete without...

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