Michelle Lee

Get to know our One Young World Delegates! Name: Brandi Einhorn Job Title: ThinkServer WW Outbound Marketing Launch Manager Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA What I Do? Change the world, one deliverable at a time. In all seriousness, I work on a great team creating collateral that educates our sales teams and raises awareness for our next-gen ThinkServer products. Places I’ve Gone? I studied abroad in Canterbury, England and during this time I had the opportunity to explore France, Poland, and the Christmas markets in Germany and Belgium. This only fueled my love for travel. Since then, I have honeymooned in Ireland, took a Mediterranean Cruise out of Rome, and also tried to visit a few more states in my home country USA. My Best Day @ Lenovo? The day I received a standing ovation from a customer. It was one of my first customer presentations when I worked on the Think Accessories team. I do not want this to sound pompous, but it was a proud moment for me! Why I am excited to be a OYW Delegate? I believe that we need to hold on to our passions and recognize our strengths to help fuel our workplace environment. My passion and strength is communication. We all know that there is always room for improvement in this category. So I ask myself, how can I take my strong com background to make positive changes on my team? I start there and with OYW I can take it even further. My Passions? Firstly, I am passionate about my family. I have...

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Get to know our One Young World Delegates! Name: Andy Murray Job Title: EMEA Digital Marketing Manager Hometown: Basingstoke, England What I Do? I lead digital marketing for Lenovo across the EMEA region, encompassing video, search, social and engagement. Helping my region execute with excellence. Places I’ve Gone? Raleigh, San Diego, Berlin, Paris. My Best Day @ Lenovo?  Being recognized as a member of the UK Elite Club by the senior management after having Twitter write a case study on a project I ran. Why I am excited to be a OYW Delegate? I’m really looking forward to meeting so many exciting, young leaders from all walks of life, but also being able to help put forward my views on how we can help form lasting changes to improve the future. My Passions? Technology and Sports really sum me up, I’m a massive fan of both. Fun Facts? I am a self confessed American football fanatic (Steelers and UNC Tar Heels). I am slightly addicted to the video game Football Manager (Soccer to Americans). I used to play ice hockey at a semi professional level. My Social Media World             

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Get to know our One Young World Delegates! Name: Rahul Jain Job Title: Marketing Services Manager Hometown: Bangalore, India What I Do? I am a part of the Global Brand Communications Team, handling Global Launch Support and Geo Alignment. Places I’ve Gone? Spain, South Africa, Nepal, Different places across India. My Best Day @ Lenovo? The day our team went for a workshop and we got to know each other personally. This made us understand each other beyond work and in turn strengthened the entire team. Why I am excited to be a OYW Delegate? Apart from representing Lenovo at OYW, it is an incredible opportunity for me to meet people from diverse backgrounds and a chance to hear world class keynote speakers. Together we can work towards bringing positive change and making a difference in the world we live in. My Passions? Travelling and Acting. Fun Facts? I had a small role in one of the biggest movies in India. I used to have an Afro. I have a black belt in Karate.

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Get to know our One Young World Delegates! Name: Jimmy Hui GUO Job Title: Service Staff Engineer Hometown: Hefei, China What I Do? Service Business Analysis and IT Project Implementation Places I’ve Gone? I have been to several places around the world. UK: London, Manchester. US: Raleigh, Washington, New York. Germany: Dusseldorf, Essen. Japan: Tokyo, Osaka, Fukui. Thailand: Phuket. Indonesia: Bali.  My Best Day @ Lenovo? My best day at Lenovo was when I won the CIO award in 2013. Praise from a senior executive is great, but this award was not only for me, but also for the whole team. Having the same goal and working hard made it happen. I am very thankful to my manager and team. Why I am excited to be an OYW Delegate? One Young World is the preeminent global forum for young leaders aged 18-30 and gathers the brightest young leaders from around the world, empowering them to make lasting connections and develop solutions to some of the world's most pressing issues. In this summit, I can learn new ideas from famous people which will encourage me to drive positive changes in my country. I can also get to meet young leaders from all over the world and learn from each other while fostering our friendship. My Passions? Badminton Fun Facts? I do not like the Billboard Top Music as my morning alarm is tuned to it. I like cooking, but do not have much time to do so. I am the best badminton...

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Get to know our One Young World Delegates! Name: Lara Maestrello Kuriki Job Title: Marketing / Administrative Assistant II – Commercial, PR & Events Hometown: São Paulo, SP – Brazil. What I Do? I work in IT segment since 2011 and have been in Lenovo for more than two years. My experience here is related to Commercial Marketing activities, such as coordination of Channel and Relational 360o campaigns (off & online initiatives) and events. I also have the important role of controlling the SMB/REL alliances’ projects to provide 100% synergy and strategy’s delivered to the main partners. The main projects in SMB are: Call center, Negotiators, Mundo Lenovo and Channel University; for Relational, it’s the Thinkers’ Club. Everyday, I’m connected to the agencies and partners to promote the efficient integration needed to reach the best results for the company. Places I’ve Gone? I love travelling and visiting new places around the world. When I was 15, I went with my family to an Eurotrip and we visited the main cities in Europe such as: Lisbon (Portugal), Rome (Italy), Milan (Italy), London (England) and Paris (France). It was a great experience and the first time I've travelled abroad. In the following year, 2008, I went to live in Munich (Germany) for a couple of months and I had the opportunity to visit some other cities around it. This year, fortunately, I had the opportunity to travel...

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