Michelle Lee

Get to know our One Young World Delegates! Name: Yunzhu Holly ZHANG Job Title: Global Communications Manager Hometown: Harbin, China What I Do? I pull together shows, including Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, to have people all around the world to see our coolest products. I translate for our Chairman and CEO Yuanqing and senior leaders, and sit in their media interviews and earnings announcements. I take international media groups to visit our worldwide campuses and generate media coverage. I’m working with passion. Places I’ve Gone? I grew up in China and moved to the U.S. after high school. I’ve travelled to more than 20 major cities in China and more than 30 states in the U.S. and many other countries, including Czech Republic, France, Germany, Itlay, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, etc. Early next year, I will go to Santiago and Paragonia in Chile, so excited. My Best Day @ Lenovo? After three months joining Lenovo, I sat together with our honorable Chairman Liu for the Fast Company magazine interview, supporting his translation and PR. He was sooo nice, and after the interview, we talked about life journey and families.   Why I am excited to be a OYW Delegate? I attended One Young World in 2012 as the only representative from Lenovo. I ended up being on stage as BRICS panel speaker. I made friends from all over the world and from different industries. This is such an...

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Get to know our One Young World Delegates! Name: Angie Yi ZHANG Job Title: Social Innovation Specialist, MBG Social and Digital Marketing Hometown: Beijing, China What I Do? I work in the MBG social and digital marketing team, responsible for global social-led campaigns to promote Lenovo Yoga products across social media platforms. I help create centralized social strategy and social content for our markets across the global to utilize. In the past 6 months, I have been concentrating on leveraging our celebrity product engineer Ashton Kutcher on social media – promoting his role as Lenovo engineer and activating his huge social fan base to convey Lenovo brand messages. Places I’ve Gone? Australia, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, US, Mexico, France, Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Hungary, Belgium. My Best Day @ Lenovo? I’m a huge Ashton Kutcher fan since I was I was in High School. Getting to work with him in LA and seeing him in studio acting out the script our team created was unreal. You never know what opportunities are around the corner at Lenovo! Why I am excited to be a OYW Delegate? OYW is a great platform to meet young leaders around the world, to share thoughts and opinions and to rethink many important issues affecting our lives. I’m excited and honored to be one of the Lenovo delegate to represent our company in this global forum in...

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Get to know our One Young World Delegates! Name: Lindsey Greathouse Job Title: NA Email Program Manager Hometown: Darnestown, MD, USA What I Do? I talk to customers and build relationships through our consumer email program. Specifically, I plan and write content, determine send and segmentation strategy, analyze and report results, and look for new and engaging ways to add value to our customers’ experience with Lenovo. Places I’ve Gone? To bed; Too far; Fishin’; Home. My Best Day @ Lenovo? National Donut Day Why I am excited to be a OYW Delegate? I’m excited to learn more about how my peers are adding value in small and big ways around the world. I’m even more excited to work with the other Lenovo Delegates to see how we can use what we learn to positively impact our families, communities, and company. My Passions? My family; Cured meats; A dog named Stevie; Setting goals; Jim Dale narrated audio books; People; Puns. Fun Facts? I was originally named London. I once saved a beached shark. I once threw machetes to a juggling unicyclist in a circus. My Social Media World             

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Get to know our One Young World Delegates! Full Name: Jennifer Kefgen Job Title: Senior Manager, Human Resources Hometown: Troy, Michigan, USA What I Do? I am HR Partner supporting our Enterprise Business Group and Americas Geography Finance teams. In addition, I am the Country HR Partner for any Finance and IT/BT teams located in the US. Places I’ve Gone? From farthest to closest….  China, Austria, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland,  UK, Aruba, Dominican Republic, St. Maarten, The Bahamans, Canada, and multiple destinations within the US. My Best Day @ Lenovo?  I have had a lot of great days at Lenovo but if I had to pick a best day than it would my first time ever going to China. I was going to attend an HR Workshop and finally had the chance to meet face-to-face my HR colleagues I had been working with every day for almost a year. I was instantly greeted with the warmest welcomes and compliments about my blonde hair color. We had so much fun together and even had some time to play some sports together which included archery, ping pong, and shuffleboard. Why I am excited to be an OYW Delegate?  I am honored to be selected as an OYW Delegate because this provides me opportunity to represent Lenovo to other young leaders from around the world and drive positive changes. I look forward to expanding my network and making many new friends at the event. I can’t wait to share more about the...

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Get to know our One Young World Delegates! Name: Clement Bo ZHAO Job Title: VLB & LB Key Account Team Leader Hometown: Yingkou, Liaoning, China What I Do? Lead a team to win key accounts and accomplish the relationship model market. Involved in supervising hundreds of channel distributors in the Lenovo sales system. Places I’ve Gone? Shanghai, Beijing, Hongkong, Tokyo, Kyoto, Rome, Florence, Venice etc. My Best Day @ Lenovo?  The day I was announced to be a member of the President's Club of Lenovo China and APEM in FY13/14. Why I am excited to be a OYW Delegate? It will be a great honor to represent Lenovo on such a global platform. My Passions? I am really excited to have this precious opportunity to meet many outstanding young talents from all over the globe and learn from them. Fun Facts? Hosted the Spring Festival Gala of Lenovo China in 2010. One of the main members of the basketball team of Shanghai KAB, won the championship of Lenovo Shanghai Basketball Tournament in 2011. Amongst the top 30 singers of Lenovo China Singing Contest in 2012. My Social Media World            [242287277]  

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