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Laser Etched Lid

Laser Etched Lid

Lenovo Services had never been represented at the annual Consumer Electronics Show before. We never had a lot to talk about, but this year we had a brand new capability to talk about -- laser etching.  We also wanted to share our Services story. We are investing in Services. We will continue to improve our customers' experiences and continue to bring out new service offerings. In 2012 alone, we introduced four new services: 4 and 8 Hour onsite support for Server products, improved Asset Tagging with a whole host of new capabilities, onsite Accidental Damage Protection, and Laser Etching We are co locating engineering, technical, and service capabilities at all of the global factory sites we build to pioneer new offerings for our customers -- faster. With the rise of consumerization, business needs to manage assets has not changed. Services integrates with our hardware so that end users get the functionality they want and IT gets the control they need. On tour, customers and partners had the opportunity to hear an integrated Built for Business story showcasing how great hardware + business class services differentiate our ThinkPad Tablet 2 from just another consumer tablet. Team members positioned how Lenovo is investing in Services and showed off our newest capability -- laser etched lids. Laser etched lids are high impact technology.  We take a notebook, though we could also etch desktops like the ThinkCentre Tiny, and burn an...

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It happens every day.  A customer calls into our help centers and finds out that his system needs a repair that is not covered by warranty.  Perhaps the warranty has expired.  Perhaps the system sustained accidental damage and was not covered under our Accidental Damage Protection Service. In any case, the customer is faced with buying a replacement part and is told how much that part + labor (if Lenovo is performing the work) will cost.  The next reaction is predictable and follow’s Kubler-Ross’ famous five steps. You must have put the wrong part number in.  Check again. Why does this part cost so much?  You guys are ripping me off Please oh please make an exception for me! I should have never bought this crummy model Fine.  Take my credit card and send me the part. While we can’t act as your psychiatrist, we can at least help you understand why spare parts may cost more than something generic you can find on Amazon.  When you buy parts from Lenovo, you’re buying an original, genuine part that has been regression tested with your particular model of machine.  This testing is performed during our initial development and continues through the life of the system as we receive warranty parts back and test for ongoing defects.  We guarantee that the replacement part you...

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ThinkPad Tablet

ThinkPad Tablet

Matthew Kohut is a Services Launch and Sales Enablement consultant at Lenovo.  A former hardware guy, he has seen the light on how services can make PCs and tablets even more valuable to business customers. We're really excited about our ThinkPad Tablet, and today they started shipping.  We know that we have great hardware, but our tablet announcement is much more than hardware. I argue that we have the industry’s first business-class tablet because we are the only vendor who can provide a full suite of services to make our customers more productive and secure.   First, a business grade tablet needs a business grade warranty.  Our ThinkPad Tablet comes with a one year warranty and can be upgraded to three years in length, which differentiates Lenovo from other tablet makers who offer out of the box warranties that last as few as 90 days and extend to only two years.  Furthermore, we can equip models with ThinkPad Protection which protects against many common accidents. The market leading tablets don’t offer this accidental damage protection, even at an extra cost. Out of the box, any tablet is a consumer device because it is free and open. This is by design and is one of the...

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I know there has been confusion on the Lenovo Forums lately about whether our latest generation of ThinkPad notebooks supports SATA 600 MB/s speed.  The short answer is yes.  Those who only want the short answer can stop reading here. We at Lenovo have not always taken advantage of the latest technology afforded by the chipset used inside our products.  For example, we took some flak because our ThinkPad T61 capped its SATA bus speed @ 150 MB/s.  The 965 generation of chipset actually supported faster 300 MB/s transfer rates.  In our defense, no hard disk at the time came close to saturating a SATA 150 bus; no SSDs really did either.  But I understand the psychology of having a brand new hot rod sports car artificially limited to 120 MPH by a governor chip, even if you’d never drive it that fast anyway. I know there is a lot of confusion on this topic, so I started asking our engineers questions about our latest systems.  I learned that if you buy a new ThinkPad system featuring Intel’s Huron River chipset, you’ll get a primary hard disk bus that runs at SATA 600 speeds.  The reason many benchmarks are not showing this bus speed increase is because the drives we are currently shipping are only SATA 300 capable.  We’ll add SATA 600 drive choices at a future date. Your Ultrabay will also run at SATA 600 speeds if you choose to put a SATA 600 capable drive inside.  If you buy one of...

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 Well, yesterday's post on the TrackPoint certainly seemed to strike a nerve with some people. And 81 comments later, I am sitting here in amazement at the sheer level of loyalty and devotion my readers have for the DNA of the ThinkPad brand. Let's get one thing out of the way: I never once discussed removing the TrackPoint from any ThinkPad--I was merely sharing a personal story. And there's no subtext, no foreshadowing and no plan to do away with it. My intent was to drive discussion on the way we use ThinkPad notebooks and what that means to me personally. Finally, a huge thanks for all the comments. I'm flattered that so many people wrote in and that many of you spent time yesterday examining the value of the little red nub we take for granted most days. Our management team cares about your feedback and they do read the comments on our blogs--rest assured that when you take the time to write back here, you aren't spitting into the wind. In other words, keep 'em comin'.

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