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I didn’t know it could DO that! So, you finally did it.  After months of web research, shopping, and questions at Best Buy, you’re bringing home that shiny new PC.  It’s like Christmas all over again!  You open the box, unwrap it slowly like that favorite present you remember opening when you were a kid.  Styrofoam, plastic wrap, and protective seals thrown aside, plugged in, whiz, whirr, click and there it is.  It’s up, it’s running, and it’s perfect…… NOW WHAT?? What do you do?  Cables, cables everywhere!  Applications, software, features, personalization?  Where to begin?  You’re not the only one that may ask those questions.  Many of us, including myself, wouldn’t know how to set up a new PC if our lives depended on it.  We save our talents for other things! But don’t panic quite yet.  There is help, only a phone call away!  LenovoCare Premium Support PC Set Up and Configuration Service offers convenient, over the phone, or remote support from the comfort of your own home.  Set up and personalize your new “baby”, and at the same time, learn what it can DO for you!  Did you know that your system may have a One Key Recovery button that in one step can burn you a recovery/back-up CD?  Skype, e-mail,...

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With over 2 billion people online today, having an effective and easy to use support site is probably near the top of the to do list for any global technology company.   It certainly is for Lenovo. Today the new Lenovo support site makes its debut and represents the first  major step in an evolutionary journey.  The existing support site dates back to before the 2005 Lenovo acquisition of the PC division from IBM and despite some tactical improvements over the last 18 months, has been showing its age a bit.   But replacing legacy technology is only part of the transformational story. Providing an integrated user experience is an important consideration too.  In 2007, Lenovo launched  the Idea line of notebooks and desktops, and these are supported by an entirely separate support site with its own search, navigation, and infrastructure.  So, counting the consumersupport site, and an internal site our partners and call center agents use, we had five sites based on four separate platforms to maintain. It was a case of many sites, and many faces to our customers.  We have a lot of great content, but need to consolidate into a single infrastructure in...

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From the latest Intel i7 powered laptop, to the 4G smartphone with wifi hotspot in your pocket,  to the newest crop of slates hitting the market,  there can be no doubt that the consumer tech market is booming.   Warranty service covers us when these devices fail, but where do we go to get help just making them work the way we want?  Most of us just want  the technology work for us - enable us to surf the web, check our email,  synch MP3 files, connect with friends on our social networks.   Who has time to debug a slow PC, or recover from a nasty virus without resorting to wiping out all our data and reloading?  Sure, there are hundreds of support articles, automated "fix it" tools, and the collective experience of support forums to draw upon, but sometimes we have an issue that is not a warranty issue and we just want to get it fixed right now.  What to do? I caught up with Dan Harmon,  Director of Product Management for Lenovo Worldwide Services, to get his perspective on Lenovo’s new PremiumCare Support Services-  A new consumer and small business oriented service offering that caters to those who...

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  If you  just upgraded your Windows 7 with the recently released Service Pack 1, be sure to update your ThinkVantage System Update to the latest version (4.0.0046).   This latest release updates compatibility to ensure proper operation with SP1. Longtime "Think" users know all about ThinkVantage System Update, Lenovo's automated update delivery system that helps customers keep their Think system's  BIOS, drivers, and ThinkVantage applications up to date.

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Lenovo now has mobile optimized service videos available to guide you in removing and installing service parts (Field Replaceable Units) check out - FRUs on FONE.   I know that many customers appreciate the value of instructional videos that show how to replace a hard disk, install upgraded memory, or swap out a keyboard as I see these frequently linked in forum discussions. I've previously written about the Lenovo service training videos that are available to watch via your PC - , and with the rapid advances in smart phones and the dramatic increases in phone shipments (some projections show they will outsell PCs within 2 years) it only makes sense to provide many of these videos in a mobile optimized format. Today the site contains videos on a limited number of notebook, desktop, workstation and server products, but I would expect the inventory of available videos to grow.    Perhaps one day, you'll be able to use your phone to scan a barcode on the bottom of the PC, access a list of parts and order them on your phone.

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