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Lenovo Multimedia Remote with Keyboard

Lenovo Multimedia Remote with Keyboard

Every once in a while, a product comes out of nowhere and captures people's imagination. Our Lenovo Mini Wireless Keyboard (N5901), released last year, was one such product--and we sold a lot of them.  Heck, I even bought a couple to put under the tree when my kids fell in love with the sample I brought home.  We got lots of feedback, too. Our fans and followers on Lenovo Blogs, Facebook and YouTube all gave us insights and ideas for the follow-up product. One request was nearly universal, so let's get that out of the way first.  Yes, the new Lenovo Multimedia Remote with Keyboard (N5902) has a backlit keyboard.  I like the fact that it lights just enough--it isn't trying so hard that it's distracting, and there isn't a lot of light bleeding around the keys.  I think it looks great and I hope you agree.  Even the picture below...

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ThinkPad Battery 39+

ThinkPad Battery 39+

You've got the thinnest ThinkPad ever -- the do-almost-anything wonder machine that looks as good as it performs.  You've got MIL-SPEC ruggedness with a carbon fiber roll cage, Corning® Gorilla® Glass and a spill-resistant keyboard.  You can charge your battery to 80% in a quick 30 minutes with innovative RapidCharge technology and you're ready to go again. The ThinkPad X1 sounds like it was designed for the ultimate spy, not to mention people who are constantly on the go and demand performance.  Oh, and who look great while doing it.  Shaken, not stirred, please. I'm a huge fan of RapidCharge.  It is a key reason I'd choose to carry an X1, and is the kind of technology that comes from listening hard to our customers and delivering innovation that makes a difference.  But I know the people who are going to carry an X1; if one thing is true of them, it is that they are always on the go. "Performance" and "Thinness" aren't words that usually work together.  Five hours of battery life is an incredible achievement in the no-compromises design of the X1, but let's think about the people who are going to be carrying these things:  They are out there, moving, doing, making things happen.  Thirty minutes is hustling from one terminal to the other.  It's getting from the train to the next appointment.  It's time spent tucked away in a crowded coffee shop with no...

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If you are carrying around a ThinkPad X Series laptop, you're the kind of person that values performance and mobility.  Since these things are often at odds with each other, it takes real engineering to deliver both.  As you might expect, Lenovo has a long history of innovation in this area, and the new X220 represents the culmination of everything we know about a powerful computer in a small, portable package with outstanding battery life. Battery technology is a critical piece of that puzzle, and while we've delivered the normal array of batteries (4-cell, 6-cell and 9-cell) to give you great runtime with the system battery, we've also announced something that takes the term "all day computing" to a whole new level.  The Lenovo Battery 19+ is a new battery for the ThinkPad X220 and X220 tablet and it can give you more than eight additional hours of working time on top of the system battery.  Add that to the largest system battery (the 9-cell "29++ Battery"), and you can literally go halfway around the world on a single charge with your X220.

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Late last year, we introduced the Lenovo Power Hub, and it created a lot of buzz.  It is essentially a power adapter for your ThinkPad that incorporates four USB ports--three for things like mice and keyboards and one for charging your music player or phone.  Cool idea, right?  And when esteemed sites like Engadget (who see everything in the world and have a fairly skeptical eye) call your product "genius" and "a sight for sore eyes," it makes you feel good. All that hoopla also generated a lot of questions and feedback, too.  Some online reviews commented they hoped Lenovo would include this as our standard adapter.  But two questions have popped up pretty consistently: "Am I supposed to travel with this thing?" and "What is the difference between this and Lenovo's

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It isn't often that a piece of technology can make me a Hero-Dad.  I'm a gadget guy, and my apples haven't fallen far from the tree, but my kids are tough customers - if it doesn't have a screen and make noises guaranteed to test my patience from the back seat of the family car, it usually doesn't make the grade.  The other day I brought home the Lenovo Mini Wireless Keyboard N5901 (part number 57Y6336) to do some testing around the house.  This product has gotten a lot of attention from people searching for a good fit with their Media Center PC's.  We've also seen a lot of other interesting uses for teachers and classroom PC's, corporate presenters and even hotels who need keyboard and mouse capability in a small package. Before I knew it my oldest had it plugged it into our Wii, and in under ten seconds was merrily using it to type back and forth with friends in Animal Crossing.  Apparently one of the few things the Wii does poorly is typing with the on-screen keyboard, and the ability to easily enter text opened up a whole new door for my kids.  Next my...

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