Jan Solar

I’m originally from Europe – you can imagine the number of languages. Our EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) has more than 60 countries and a lot more languages. For all of our customers in EMEA we have 28 keyboard layouts. We provide multiple keyboard layouts to make sure all of you have best user experience with our keyboards and systems no matter how large or small the country. Below is an image of two common layouts - one with a small Enter and one with a large Enter. The image on the Left is a U.S. keyboard with the smaller Enter key. The image on the Right is a UK version with the larger Enter key. The layout of the keyboard is determined by the language and in this instance, the difference is the region. All U.S. keyboards have a small enter. Given the portfolio of keyboards and number of languages, it is not easy to manage such complexity. Some keyboards are more popular and are easy to project demand. Some are small volume, specialized keyboards – Fingerprint keyboard, ThinkPad keyboard, Smartcard reader keyboard. How do we know how many to print and in which layout or language? Our solution - we bring blank keyboards to Europe and we print them “on demand”.  It is more efficient and it is also faster. Within Europe, the logistics do not take up much time so you can often get the keyboard in one or two business days after you order it - in the language you prefer. Most of the world demand can be covered...

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Lenovo Cool mouse

Lenovo Cool mouse

In case you did not know it already, the Think Accessories portfolio is full of cool products. One product I would like to highlight  is the Laser Wireless Mouse (PN 0A36188). If you own this product, the following video can be helpful for you to understand all of the capabilities of this mouse. If you do not own this product, perhaps after watching you will want to purchase one. For anyone that sees value in using a mouse, this is the one and I point out all of the reasons why in this tutorial.   Lenovo Mouse Suite Lenovo Laser Wireless Mouse (0A36188) - link to Lenovo web shop

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Lenovo keyboard function keys

Lenovo keyboard function keys

When we introduced the new Ultraslim Plus Wireless Keyboard, people started to ask questions about how to switch multimedia function keys in the 6th row to standard legacy F1-F12 keys.  This topic was mentioned several times on our Lenovo forum article and support article where you will be able to find a solution.  We recommend that you use the Lenovo driver and that way you will not only be able to switch your function keys, but you will also have a battery life indicator for your keyboard and mouse.  The same question about the Slim USB Keyboard is asked when our customers buy the Edge desktop. It is difficult to find, but a driver is preloaded for this keyboard and you can download it on the website using the following driver.  Once the driver is installed, you will then find a small app in the Start menu in order to make the switch between multimedia keys and legacy F1-F12 keys.  

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The new trend for systems and bags seems to be color. If I buy a system with a cool color, I do not want to hide it in my plain bag. As a joke, I packed my Edge laptop into a ziploc bag to see if it fit and was impressed that I could still see the shining red of the system. Now, as I reach for my black bag, it is upsetting that the red on my Lenovo Edge will be hidden.  I am interested in a pop of color. The new sport cases are all about new color. The DO color for people we define as DOers. The Lenovo Sport Cases are different from our regular black business cases – sport cases are for people who are bored with black color and want to stand out and DO something different. The color is not the only detail. The cases feature a mesh pocket for cold drinks; perfect for summer. My favorite small detail – recessed zipper – all external facing zippers are recessed. You will not see zipper teeth, which also helps to keep the pocket water resistant. Also – as smart phones move from big-to-small and back again– we have the room to grow, or shrink. We have decided to enlarge the internal pocket so it can accommodate much bigger phones. I want more colors, but I need your feedback. Black cases never run out of style, but what if style is now all about being different and standing out? If you embrace the new trend, what colors would you want to see? I would be...

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All across the tech world, the appetite for wireless devices continues to grow. But going wireless requires tradeoffs. As I sit here typing on my ThinkPad USB Keyboard with TrackPoint, I cannot help but ponder how things would be different if this accessory was wireless. I sat deep in thought until all of a sudden, it hit me. If we went wireless, the Trackpoint, which is a current rubber analog device, would quickly drain the battery. Since I love my TrackPoint, living without it in order to go wireless with efficient power hold would be a BIG problem. This issue opened my eyes to the broader discussion of product development. The TrackPoint used in the Tablet folio is optical instead of rubber, and of course, wireless. I wonder how the two compare – unfortunately, I have not had a chance to put the two next to each other and see how the Tablet optical TrackPoint compares to the rubber TrackPoint on the beloved ThinkPad. Although it is not in the plans to replace the rubber with optical TrackPoint, this may be something to think about. It would be great to know if anyone has had a chance to work with both the rubber TrackPoint and optical to compare the pros of each. One other possible way to make the keyboard wireless is to increase the battery size. But the tradeoff is that batteries increase thickness and weight, which could limit travel. This increase in weight may not bother me, but I am sure others may have complaints. I have come to realize that a...

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