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How many notebooks are too many? In my case, I haven't hit my limit yet, but wanted to share my home office setup, talk through some frustrations, and look at the state of the art today for multi-screen displays. I saw my first multi-screen set up in the art department at Forbes Magazine in the 90s, where the designers would extend their primary desktop onto a small monitor sitting adjacent to the main screen. That small monitor held the tool boxes, palettes and brushes for their Adobe apps (Illustrator and PhotoShop primarily), leaving the main monitor open for nothing but image manipulation. I was jealous. I wanted that. Well, I have it, and I've used multiple screens for some time. It's easy to do, especially if you want to supercharge your productivity at a desk and prefer to bang out long documents on a full-sized keyboard with a mouse and have a dock configuration to ease the transition from backpack to desktop set up. That's an X60s on the left, primarily running Lotus Notes and instant message sessions, in the middle is a Lenovo LCD where the bulk of my work occurs, and on the right, unconnected to the screen, external keyboard, or mouse, is an X41 running Ubuntu Breezy Badger and where I do most of my sysadmin work, blog reading, and web browsing. At home I run an X60s onto a Lenovo external LCD monitor which I won in...

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I asked for a tablet last week ... and actually received one, although the machines are as hard to find right now as any we've ever built. I've followed the evolution of pen computing from the beginning of the business in the early 90s, and enjoyed Jerrold Kaplan's account of the Go Corporation's efforts to build a pen-PC in Startup but I've haven't used a pen-based PC for an extended period of time before, and feeling a bit excited by the first wave of positive reviews, I looked forward to learning more about the tablet-paradigm and seeing if there was any reason why a technology that has been more than a decade in the building is finally finding traction in the market. When I arrived at Lenovo in January of 2006 the hot product was the X41 Tablet. Reviewers and bloggers were falling over themselves, and some, like Jim Forbes at ForbesOnTech, were providing some valuable feedback on how to improve the next generation. When the specifications of the X60 tablet leaked out earlier this fall, the buzz built up even more, and feeling sucked in, I opened the box with the new tablet with a degree of...

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There's a lot of great buzz building over our latest tablet PC, the X60. Early reviews are very positive and have the design team pretty excited.   Gottabemobile.com's Dennis Rice and Warner Crocker, came into the office a few weeks ago for a preview of the machine with Mike Hagarty (our Worldwide Segment Manager for the ThinkPad) and have been playing around with a review unit. They've produced a great set of videos describing their experiences with the new machine. The first part of their review is here. The machine is featured on the homepage of Lenovo.com this week. You can check it out here. David will be blogging some more on some of the unique challenges involved in designing a tablet. Things like the eraser pen, Nav Dial and other design factors. Mark Orchant blogged nice things about the tablet at ZDNet (disclosure, I am on the advisory board of Foldera, where Mark is the VP of Marketing). And the product received an "Editor's...

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Here at Design Matters there are a just a few design blogs we admire. I thought I'd show some link love: We Make Money Not Art: Regine Debatty's blog. History of the Button: On. Off. Snooze. This blog is about buttons. The kind you push, not the kind on your shirt. Hi-iD: You don't need to read it to love it. Dexigner: Beautifully designed, a treasure trove of news about design. Inhabitat: Interior design and architecture. Soode!: I can't read it, but the images are fantastic. [one aside, nearly all of these blogs are running Wordpress. What does that say about the relationship between the code and the fact that designers are drawn to Wordpress? We first heard about Wordpress in the fall of 2004 when Om Malik told us to use it. We've been in love ever since, especially with the incredible design flexibility available in its themes.] David Churbuck

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The readers have voted and wide screen has won -- we're surprised. The traditionalists were strong out of the gate when we opened this poll, but wide screen came on strong and took 51% of the votes cast. Hmm. We will digest this internally, but we think we're on the right track with our current offerings of 4:3 and widescreen models. Stay tuned for the next poll. We're kicking some ideas around. David Churbuck

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