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It’s that time of year again to honor the women who put us on this planet. Rather than flowers, chocolates or funny-smelling perfume, what better way to show a mother she’s appreciated than with a shiny, colorful, brand new… mobile device or PC? That’s right. I love it when I get technology gifts. Have you considered that the way to a woman’s heart today – your mama’s included – might just be through electronics? According to a new study from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), women’s interest in technology has increased in the last five years, with eight in every 10 women now interested in consumer electronics products. Even the spending gap between genders is shrinking; with women spending on average only $61 less on consumer electronics than men in 2011 (the CEA’s previous study calculated a spending gap of about $200). When it comes to mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, a recent study by Park Associates found that women are more interested AND likely to purchase these devices than men.  Not surprising when you think of the challenging schedules today’s moms face – juggling day jobs with family, social and extracurricular activities - all while attempting to stay unruffled and chic. Women want tools...

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Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

Nothing says romance like a new laptop or tablet, and don’t we all just want a sleek, responsive, stylish computing device to call our own? And, of course, to tote with us everywhere and anywhere. Tech gifts are the go-to items for the holidays, so Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be excluded, especially with the array of colorful, fun and fashionable laptops and tablets available from Lenovo. Here are our favorite tech gifts for Valentine’s Day: IdeaPad U260 For the unconventional Valentine’s Day color offerings, Lenovo’s IdeaPad U260 comes in fashion-forward Mocha Brown. It’s lightweight with great design aesthetics and details, not to mention powerful processing. This is perfect for the sweetheart that desires looks and brains.   IdeaPad A1 Tablet The IdeaPad A1 tablet is still a hot item, and a coveted V-Day gift available in festive Pink and chic bear-skin rug...

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