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Introducing the new X1 Carbon!

Introducing the new X1 Carbon!

Lenovo Australia has unleashed the New ThinkPad X1 Carbon – the world’s lightest 14-inch ultrabook. Perfect for business users who want a laptop with high performance technology, mobility and durability, the New ThinkPad X1 Carbon joins Lenovo’s premium business portfolio. We've pulled together the top reasons that make the New X1 Carbon the perfect Professional Redefined Ultrabook. 1. Uncompromisingly Thin  Starting at 1.28 kg, the new X1 Carbon is the lightest 14″ Ultrabook™ on the planet.* And at just 17.72 mm thin, it's the thinnest ThinkPad ever. Yet even with a slimmer profile, we still boosted battery life and cooling. 2. Enduring Power The new X1 Carbon delivers up to 8.6 hours of battery life on a single charge.* And if you do run low, don't fret: with RapidCharge you get 80% battery restored in just under an hour. 3. Patently Cool Even with its ultrathin design, the new X1 Carbon stays cooler than ever. In fact, we re-engineered our patented fan blades—so X1 Carbon provides the same cool and quiet performance you expect from a ThinkPad. 4. Unbelievably Vivid ColorBurst display with WQHD, IPS, and an anti-glare screen mean text is crisper, images are brighter, and colors are truer on the new X1 Carbon. 5. Impossibly Precise X1 Carbon's 10–point multitouch screen improves accuracy, making touch–browsing and selecting more responsive. Plus it's anti–smudge....

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Going back to school has almost arrived and most schools these days use technology in the classroom. Whether doing presentations, creating videos, accessing the school intranet or playing Minecraft, we have the right PC for students. The perfect laptop or tablet is the one that’s great for both school and home and ours are fast enough, tough enough and cool enough for any kid. We’ve compiled a list of the best laptops and tablets Lenovo has to offer for school, home and play. ThinkPad X131e - durable but light Designed for durability in the rigorous K-12 school system, the 11.6-inch ThinkPad X131e is made to endure whatever's thrown its way. A rubber bumper cushions the top cover for added protection, while hinges and ports are further strengthened. Explore Features.   ThinkPad Yoga - the ultimate Multimode Ultrabook The ThinkPad Yoga delivers flexibility. Its 12.5" display rotates 360 degrees to offer four different usage modes: Laptop, Tablet, Tent and Stand. Boasting legendary ThinkPad reliability and a range of security features, it's the ultimate multimode Ultrabook. Explore Features.  

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Here’s our top 10 Christmas gift ideas to suit any budget or personality in your life. We’ve got you covered from ultrabooks to tablets and accessories to storage solutions. There will be no re-gifting with these awesome tech gifts, and put you on the nice list for next year! 1. The (Mostly) Lovable Space Cadet: a one-button backup “OMG Did you wipe all of the videos of Lily's first Christmas”? Ever notice that the smartest people seem to do this kind of stuff all the time? Stage a friendly intervention with a Lenovo Iomega EZ Media & Backup Centre. – FROM ONLY $369 2. Mr Messy: a beautiful wireless keyboard and mouse We've got this new thing called wireless technology. Lenovo didn't invent it, but we do make a sleek and sophisticated Ultraslim Wireless Keyboard and Mouse that will help you with your New Year’s tidy desk resolution. –

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Xiaoyan Wang, senior vice president at Lenovo, was appointed chief information officer in March 2009. She is responsible for Lenovo's information technology strategy and operations including all aspects of Lenovo's global IT infrastructure, business applications development, support and maintenance, as well as information service delivery and security. Under Ms. Wang's leadership, the Information Technology organization is working closely with Lenovo's internal business partners in designing IT strategies, processes and architecture to support Lenovo's Think, Idea, mature and emerging market segments. Below she shares her insights on technology and some of the findings from our recent CIO whitepaper. As business people, we are working in one of the most exciting and dynamic eras of recent history. Technology is driving immense transformations in our organisations and our lives. The devices we use in our workplaces, the information and intelligence we access through our computers and the integration of new technologies with our existing work habits make for a very interesting view of the world and of business. However, technology in business cannot exist without technology leaders. It is people like you and I, CIOs and Heads of IT, that help our organisations realise the potential of technology as an enabler of change and success. With that in mind, let us consider how the role of the CIO and Head of IT are in flux. Globally, we are seeing...

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Matt Codrington is the Managing Director of Lenovo Australia and New Zealand. Here, he shares his insights about the importance of technology leaders in business today. Working at a technology company, you can sometimes take for granted the power that technology has to shape and change the world in which we live. The business world is no different. It is the transformative power of technology that has become a driving force in some of the biggest business success stories of the past decade. Commodities such as mobile devices, the internet, social networks and applications of 3D are the heroes of the technology world. However, the role of technology leaders in managing the creation and implementation of that transformation in a business context has mostly gone unseen. CIOs and Heads of IT have often been regarded as operational, rather than strategic in Australian businesses but, based on the findings of this new report from Lenovo and Intel, we can see a clear path ahead to change this. I meet a number of technology leaders in my work and while, naturally, they are very competent managers of technology, they are often underrated in terms of their business acumen. These professionals have a silent passion for enabling business strategy through technology solutions and are often waiting to be invited to express their opinion about how things can be done better. As executive leaders in Australia, we must do more when it comes to incorporating CIOs and Heads...

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